The Facility

How It All Began

B.A. Burwell founded Divers Equipment in 1959. Through the years, many things have changed. Equipment became more sophisticated, training standards evolved and the sport of SCUBA diving became an attainable sport for everyone, not just the rough and tumble divers of yesteryear. In 2000, B.A. Burwell retired and the shop was taken over by Rex Sharrai. After many years, the shop was transferred to the current owner Alan Shaw.

"Customer service has been and will always be a top priority at Divers Equipment. Your total satisfaction is our primary goal!"

What We Have To Offer

Divers Equipment and Repair Service, Inc., is a full service SCUBA facility which offers beginner through instructor training as well as complete equipment testing, service and repair. We have an on-site heated pool and we are a IANTD certified gas blending facility. Technical equipment is kept in-stock and our air is laboratory tested and certified quarterly. Need a high pressure O2 fill? No problem.

At Divers Equipment, you will find an extensive selection of Snorkeling and Scuba Equipment in stock with knowledgeable staff to ensure you are properly sized and fitted. We have masks, snorkels, fins, dry boxes and bags, underwater lights, knives, clips and accessories, wet and dry suits, regulators and computers as well as a full line of children's equipment. We have a large inventory of tanks in all sizes from 6cu ft to 120 cu ft. On a budget? Check out our used equipment inventory with BC's starting as low as $100. We can assist with tank Hydros and Inspections and have 4,500psi air fills available. Our breathing air is tested quarterly and certified oxygen compatible with test reports prominently displayed!

Replacement certification cards, Specialized training, Scuba Skills Update (Refresher) courses and Lifetime Scuba certifications are available. Our children's scuba club, the Scuba Rangers, meets monthly. Trips, travel, new friends and lots of fun and adventure await you at Divers Equipment!

Equipment Inspection, Testing, Maintenance and Repair.

Divers Equipment is the only SCUBA shop in Kansas City DOT qualified to hydro test commercial cylinders, in addition to hydro testing SCUBA tanks. We perform tests, inspections and overhauls on most major brands of regulators and buoyancy compensators. Need a prescription lens for your mask? We can handle it. Leaky dry suit or broken fin strap? No problem. We have Aqua Lung Master Technicians on staff to ensure your equipment is properly serviced and ready to dive.

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