The Crew

Alan Shaw

Alan Shaw has been the Owner and Operator of Divers Equipment and Repair Service since October 2013. Alan is an International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) 124 Master Electrician since Dec 1995. Alan started diving in 2006 and decided this is where he belonged. His decision to become the business owner and operator of Divers Equipment and Repair Service combines his love of diving and his gift of repairing equipment.

Some of Alan’s goals are to work his way to becoming an Advanced Openwater Instructor and Extended Range Instructor, have more classes, build more certified divers and grow the family at Divers Equipment and Repair Service.

Diving provides peace and tranquility while exploring the underwater world with its own unique set of diverse creatures living among us. Diving promotes exotic travel. Alan has dived in the waters of St Lucia, St Kitts, San Juan Puerto Rico, Hawaii and plans more dives to come.

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Christopher May

Christopher May has been diving since 1977. His fascination with the ocean goes back to summers in San Diego as a child. His first dive was in a pool as an 8 year old. He became certified at 18 here at Divers Equipment and Repair Service. His training consists of Dive Con since 2007 and a Specialty Instructor since 2011. Chris enjoys teaching Perfect Buoyancy, Navigation, Try Scuba (Introductory course), and a half dozen other specialty courses.

Chris repairs regulators, buoyancy compensators and other diving equipment. He is a Certified Aqua Lung technician. He has been diving in California, Gulf of Mexico, Florida Keys, and St. Croix and all over the mid-west lakes, quarries and rivers. He still wants to dive in the Bahamas.

Chris has been a Certified Mazda and Chrysler Master Automobile technician for the past 30 plus years. He hopes to make scuba diving, and related activities, a full time vocation.

Randy Shepard “Doc”

Randy Shepard has been diving since 2003. His fascination began while snorkeling the crystal waters of Cancun. Randy is a passionate scuba diver, having dove various parts of the Caribbean and the Florida Keys. His professional diving experience began as a Dive Control Specialist in 2007. Randy enjoys providing training to new divers through Try Scuba as well as helping experienced divers fine-tune their skills in the Refresher course.

Randy is a financial planner and nationally known speaker. Over the past 30 years, he has educated and trained some of America's top professionals. His passion for educating, training, and empowering others extends to the sport of diving as well.

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