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(photo: Russ Nolan dives the USS Oriskany in Pensacola, Florida)

Dive Trip

Are you planning a trip to the Ocean? What better way to experience Life-at-Sea then by Scuba Diving. Get certified Today!

Dive the Continental Divide!

Be part of the few! (photo: by Alex Mustard in Nes Canyon, Husavik, Northern Iceland)

Experience a Whole New World of Life!

(photo: Coral reef in Little Tobago, Speyside)

Jump in the Fun!

(photo: Koh Tao "Turtle Island", Thailand)


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Scuba Cruise

Many families like to take their vacations on a cruise. Why not make your next vacation a Scuba Cruise!

Scuba School International

Wondering about the education we provide? Check out Scuba School International's website to learn more about what we have to offer!